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The Private Money Lending Guide was created by the founders of, the nation’s largest on-line loan exchange.

While allows buyers and sellers to quickly and easily share information about loan assets that they wish to buy, fund or sell, the Private Money Lending Guide was designed as a complimentary site that provides in-depth educational materials about the hard money and private lending industry.

The Private Money Lending Guide is a comprehensive, online resource for investors and borrowers interested in educating themselves about the world of private money loans and lending.  The site includes a wealth of articles and educational materials on the loan funding process, the industry players, analyzing loans and loan investments, tips about using retirement accounts, choosing a private money lender, and much more.

The Guide previously included a nationwide directory of hard money and private money loan investment advisors who can assist real estate investors interested in private money investments or borrowers in need of a private or hard money loan.  
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We are continually updating the content on the Private Money Lending Guide to reflect the latest industry information.  If you have content suggestions or would like to submit an article for inclusion on our site, please send an email to  

Thank you for visiting the Private Money Lending Guide – we hope you find the information helpful and valuable.