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Where did the term hard money loan come from, and how do I find hard money lenders?

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The term “hard money” is used in conjunction with a loan which is “hard to get” from a traditional lending source, such as a bank.  The term also comes from the asset pledged as collateral in return for the loan. When you pledge the asset as collateral, the asset goes “hard” as collateral against the loan. 

There are a number of ways people refer to the same type of borrowering: some refer to the lenders as private hard money lenders, and others just refer to them as hard money lenders.  Both references mean a lender who will offer borrowers a hard money loan, that is, a loan that it would be hard to qualify from a bank.

To find the loan that works best for you, use our directory of hard money lenders.

A less crass term for the lenders is working its way into the vernacular as the business evolves but old habits are hard to break and the term hard money loan and hard money lenders is likely to be around for a long time to come.

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