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To determine if you qualify for hard money, you must first determine the specific type of loan you need. Hard loans vary by asset class and by geographic area, so you will want to contact a few hardmoney lenders because each may have different requirements.

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Finding the right hard money lenders to fund your transaction can be difficult.   The more specialized the lender is, the more helpful they are likely to be for your specific loan request.

For example, if you need a ground up commercial construction loan on a new real estate project, you will want to find a hardmoney lenders who works primarily in the construction loans field.  Or if you were remodeling a property, you may want to look for a list of hard money rehab lenders because they will also have private investors who understand your business and will be more willing to fund your transaction.

The more experience and expertise the the lender has in the field in which you need a hard loan, the easier it is going to be for your transaction to qualify to their standards.

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